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For some of the best Vitamix recipes, based on years of demonstration experience:

Blender Brain

All the best versions of the Vitamix demonstration recipes from over the years!

Cashew-based ice cream, sweet potato soup, tortilla soup, NO STRAIN almond milk, the best method for almond butter, cashew based nacho cheese dip queso, WAKE UP vegetable juice, frozen cappuccino coffee, margarita, pina colada, ETC.

If you're just here for the old willeddy.com recipe flyers, click here to check them out.

For the transportation of the future, check out ElectricUnicycleReviews.com:

ElectricUnicycleReviews.com Self Balancing Electric Unicycles - Micro Unicycle Reviews

A "micro-unicycle" is a self-balancing electric unicycle with NO SEAT! They're easier to learn than changing your oil or cooking rice, HUGE FUN, and super convenient for real, normal people. Seriously, remember that fun feeling when you first started riding a bike as a kid?

The key is, a micro-unicycle does what a bicycle does but it's the size of a briefcase, and goes with you anywhere. At first this technology was very expensive, but now prices are coming down. I think this will be many Americans' first electric vehicle, and we need be moving in the right direction for the childrens' sake!

At ElectricUnicycleReviews.com, We get our hands on all the models of micro unicycle out there and do reviews and read the nerd forums to find the truth about electric unicycles. We put it all together to make it easy for you to ride the future! LEAVE THE SEAT BEHIND! It's micro-unicycle time.