Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


As 2015 comes to a close, we fondly reflect on all this year has brought us, and we are super excited for what’s in store in 2016. We hope everyone is able to enjoy this holiday season with family, friends, or loved ones! Here’s to another great year of fun!


5 Tips for New Vitamix Owners

Happy December, everyone! If this is your first time visiting Blender Brain, welcome! We have been having a great holiday shebang of a sale going on at our roadshows and online orders, and are excited to have met and sold to all the new Vitamix owners! Congratulations to all!!!!

While we’re super excited for new families who take home a Vitamix, but we also know that sometimes it can be scary to get used to something so awesome – we want to help! Here are some tips to follow as a brand new Vitamix Owner:

1. Take it out of the box and keep it on the counter! – We know this sounds a little silly, but sometimes we get owners who have had their Vitamix for a month and still haven’t opened the box! It is definitely the first step to start making some smoothies and juices to help kickstart your day. Will and I live in a pretty small apartment, but we made sure to make room next to our cactus plant so we can keep our Vitamix out all the time – this is important because it ensures you use it more than if you keep it hidden in the cabinets. We know it can be tough to make room in a small kitchen, but we promise you will not regret it!

2. Register your Vitamix Warranty – If you purchased your Vitamix through us, then your Vitamix is already covered under warranty via the serial number. But if you want to make sure that your Vitamix is registered, you can do that here. All the information you need for warranty is stuck on the back of the machine, including the Vitamix phone number and your serial number 🙂

**Important: If you happened to purchase a 2nd container with your Vitamix machine on the same receipt, then registering it online will ensure that your 2nd container’s warranty extends to 7 years. Otherwise, it will be covered under the standard 3-year container warranty.

3. Wash your Vitamix for the first time – It’s always a great idea to give your Vitamix container a quick rinse before your first blend. To wash your Vitamix, add 2 cups of water and a drop of dish soap into the container. Put the lid on and blend the water on high speed for 1 minute. Rinse the soapy water off the container and it’s ready for blending!

4. Start with something simple – The easiest smoothies are the ones you’ll make every single day. Find some easy go-to recipes, or, if you have a favorite fruit you love, then start out with that! Our favorite lazy smoothie is frozen mango with spinach and coconut water! Sometimes, less can be more, especially when you are first starting out and trying to get in “smoothie for breakfast” habit.

5. Join our FB group! – Have a question or want to share what you’ve made with others? Join our Facebook group! There are a lot of Vitamix groups out there, and it makes us happy to see so many different communities of blender lovers. Since we are blending away on a Vitamix for over 100 hours a week, we created our group to be a resource to you – we want to make sure you get the expert answers to your questions. Feel free to ask questions, share recipes, or any of your own tips and tricks~ We would love to hear them!

Happy holidays and keep on blending!