Getting Started: 3 Easy Green Smoothie Recipes

Having a few go-to easy green smoothie recipes can be one of your most powerful tools for healthy living. But many people make it so hard for themselves! Making easy green smoothie recipes every day will give you far better health results than drinking a complicated magic potion only a few times per month.

I have a confession to make. Will and I don’t drink green smoothies every day, but I would say we’re the most faithful smoothie drinkers when we’re working, and we’ve been doing a pretty good job drinking smoothies most days on our travels around Asia. I love that drinking green smoothies keeps my skin from breaking out, and Will just wants something healthy to fill our bellies so we aren’t just eating junk food all the time.

This post is for the busy (and lazy) people, because WE UNDERSTAND! Sometimes we can fall into that rut when we don’t make anything – this can happen to anybody! I’m also writing this for people who just got their first high-powered blender, but they don’t know where to start or what to make first. We want to make sure you don’t let that new investment go to waste. When I first started getting into making breakfast smoothies years ago, I always had so many ingredients I wanted to add. The very first smoothie I made for myself was orange, cucumber, apple, spinach, grapes, and strawberries. It was brown but tasted okay. After just a week, I stopped blending. I ended up in a rut, because I thought it was too much hassle to have so many ingredients on hand all the time.

A few important lessons I’ve learned on my smoothie journey is:

  1. Keep it simple – don’t give yourself more work than is necessary!
  2. Have a go-to recipe – the decision should be made in advance!
  3. Use frozen ingredients – they never go bad!

Easy Green Smoothie Recipes are Magic

It’s not that having a smoothie with lots of ingredients is bad. However, the fact is, a high ingredient quantity smoothie simply is not a practical everyday plan for most people. Even merely thinking about making a smoothie with a million fruits and vegetables can be daunting, and this stops many people from getting started. Plus, who needs an expensive new daily habit? The simpler your recipes, the more likely you are to go through with making a breakfast green smoothie.

Having a go-to recipe is key because it means you don’t have to feel lost about what to make. It’s like when you go to your favorite restaurant…you  could be adventurous and try something new, or you could just order the same thing you always order because you know it’s going to hit the spot! I’m not trying to deter you from trying new things, but if you’ve been hesitating, it’s better to stick with something familiar. Plus, how many decisions are you already making in the morning? Couldn’t you do without the added pressure? Save yourself the trouble and just use one of our easy green smoothie recipes, because your body will thank you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

Here are three smoothies that Will and I use as our “go-to” recipes. I love these recipes because they are easy to make, and also because it makes grocery shopping easy. These recipes are also really great if you’ve decided to start making green smoothies, but are afraid of something that tastes “too green”. They are mildly flavored, more on the sweet side, with the green flavor hidden away, but they will still make help you look and feel amazing.

Easy Pineapple Green Smoothie

3 cups chopped and home-frozen pineapple
1/2 cup frozen green grapes (optional)
1 cup or 3 to 5 bulbs of baby bok choy (or another green)
1 cup water

Blend on high speed for 1 minute, or until desired texture

Baby bok choy has a similar level of nutrition to the ever fashionable kale, but an extremely milder flavor.

Easy Mango Green Smoothie

3 cups frozen mango
1/2 cup frozen green grapes (optional)
1 cup baby kale (or another green)
1 cup water

Blend on high speed for 1.5 to 2 minutes, or until desired texture

If you’re beginning to try kale, baby kale is less bitter, and has a less grainier texture than regular kale.

Easy Banana-Almond Green Smoothie

2 bananas, frozen (if using fresh bananas, add 1 cup ice)
1/4 cup almonds OR 2 tbsp almond butter
1 cup baby spinach (or another green)
2 cups water OR almond milk

Blend on high speed for 1.5 minutes, or until desired texture

Bananas are fantastic at covering up less pleasant flavors. They’re one of the best go-to smoothie bases to keep around because they freeze well!

Easy Green Smoothie Recipes
The riper the banana = the sweeter the blend!


  • You might notice that these recipes don’t call for any added sweeteners. I usually don’t add anything extra like honey or agave because the fruit is sweet enough for us. However, I’ve recommended adding green grapes in the pineapple and mango smoothies for those who like a sweeter smoothie. At home, Will is more likely to add some peeled lemon for a low calorie meal, so that’s worth trying, as well!
  • Chop, clean, and freeze your fruit in advance. We like to buy a big bag of frozen mango, but most fruits are so easy and cheap to freeze on your own. It’s tough to mess up, so give it a try. Bananas are the easiest – just peel them and throw them in a bag in the freezer. We freeze riper bananas for the sweetness. You can even portion pack smoothie ingredients and store them in the freezer, one smoothie per bag or container. You will thank yourself later.
  • Experiment with greens! Usually, the greens are the only non-frozen ingredient we use in a fruit based smoothie. I find bok choy and spinach to be very mild in flavor, so they are pretty easy to hide. Our favorite green to buy is “Power Greens”, which is a blend of baby kale, spinach, and swiss chard.
  • Because these are “Getting Started” recipes, I’ve only included 1 cup of greens in the recipes, but at home, I usually cram 4-5 cups of greens into our smoothies! Start small, but feel free to add more greens each time if you’d like! More greens means more benefits, like extra energy, glowing skin, and shiny hair 🙂
  • The order isn’t the most important thing, but for easier blending, add ingredients in this order: liquids on the bottom, fresh fruit and/or greens in the middle, frozen ingredients on top. Don’t fret if you layer your ingredients differently; use your tamper stick if you have one!
  • If you have a favorite “go-t0” smoothie, share it with us and other readers in our Facebook Group!

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