Lucky Jackfruit Shake

It was a hot day in August. We were getting ready to move, low on ingredients due to a grocery moratorium. I was all alone, on a work sabbatical. I wanted a smoothie and I wanted one bad. So I looked in the freezer. This stuff was old and I wasn’t really sure it was gonna be any good. But it was eye opening. It was a LUCKY JACKFRUIT SHAKE!

Frozen. Jackfruit.

Flashback: I’m so lucky. The one I love, Justine, peeled a bunch of Jackfruit. We were going to eat it together. But then something wonderful happened. Justine had an intense allergic reaction.

In the moment we were scared! As her throat began to close, we sprinted down the hill to the Safeway and bought some generic benadryl. She popped one before we even paid for the stuff. The itchy mouth storm blew over and we were so relieved. Justine had survived.

I only realized, later on, what the implication was. All the jackfruit to myself. What could a boy do? I ate some and I froze the rest. Thank you past Will. Sincerely, present Will.

I’ll make this one again if I ever have jackfruit around. It’s a bit of work to do the peeling – we’re going to be doing some great fruit peeling videos, or you can google it. Freeze it and thank yourself later on! We hear you can even cook the seeds to eat if you’re adventurous.

Lucky Jackfruit Shake

1 cup Jackfruit
½ cup frozen strawberry
½ cup vanilla almond milk
1 cup spinach
1 cup ice cubes
½ packet truvia for sweetness

Blend 1 ½ min on high speed or until smooth

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