Make Vegetable Juice in the Nutribullet (3 Steps)

Justine from BlenderBrain here, with a brand new video on how to make vegetable juice in a Nutribullet the easy way! If you like V8 or all-vegetable type smoothies and juices, you’ll really love this recipe Will and I like to call “Wake-up Juice.” I’ll always remember the first time Will handed me a cup of wake-up juice. I drank a sip, and then secretly threw it in the trash. Ha! It’s ok, we’re married now so I can let that particular cat out of the bag.

The great thing about drinking a cup of fresh vegetable juice like this is that you might notice spectacular health benefits like I do. Personally, my skin clears up and glows. My appetite subsides until the next meal time. When I drink our vegetable wake up juice I feel so awake in the morning, which helps me be more productive. And there’s basically no sugar. I know, it sounds almost too good to be true, but try it out and you’ll become a convert just like I did!

Here at BlenderBrain, Will and I have been testing all different blenders for the past several months, and we want to know what brands can make a proper vegetable juice. If I’m being honest, the Nutribullet was never high on our radar. We heard so many horror stories from customers in our Vitamix demonstrator days. Additionally, while working in Nevada last year I purchased a Nutribullet and had a very bad experience. Of my three smoothie attempts, I had two green smoothie EXPLOSIONS. That machine is gone, but I was scarred for life!

While I love using our high powered blenders, I must admit, it’s better to have a medium quality tool than no tool at all. Visiting Austin, Texas recently, I found that precisely to be the case. The house I was staying at had a blender, and low and behold it was a Nutribullet. If you’ve been to Texas, you’ll know that it’s bbq and fried food central! So it became crucial for me to make vegetable juice in the mornings. So I decided to make this great video for you to enjoy!

One thing Will and I also learned in our Vitamix demonstrator days is, despite the imperfections, there are also many people out there who love their Nutribullet. It takes up a minimal amount of space in the kitchen. While the convenient to-go cup style is now also sold by Ninja and Vitamix, as well as other companies, this is a feature the bullet company truly popularized. Incidentally, you may find this video just as useful if you own a Vitamix S30, a regular Magic Bullet, or any of the many Ninja and other machines that now have the personal cup style container. Just know we haven’t tested this recipe in any of them! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Getting Started

There are a few things to know before you make vegetable juice in a Nutribullet:

  1. Blend in stages: The Nutribullet’s blending container has limited space for ingredients. There’s no stick to poke and prod your ingredients if they get stuck, like there is on the Vitamix or OmniBlend. Additionally, the style of vegetable juice we like to make doesn’t use any added liquids. In the tiny Nutribullet, that means more room for vegetables and greens!
  2. Keep your ingredients under the “Max Line”: The first time I used a Nutribullet, it EXPLODED all over my hotel room. The second time? EXPLOSION. I’ve since learned my lesson: don’t overfill the Nutribullet! Make sure there is enough space for the liquid to bounce around a bit. Otherwise, you’re gonna have an explosion too.
  3. Blend in 1-minute increments: The Nutribullet directions say not to blend for more than one minute at a time. Respect your machine and follow this rule! You can tell bullet’s motor is overworked because you’ll smell a burning smell after blending it for too long. Be careful, because overblending may damage your machine over time.
  4. Don’t expect the final outcome to be super smooth: The Nutribullet is a great starter machine. However, if you plan to make vegetable juice every day, or have already started doing so, consider upgrading to a true high-powered blender. You’ll be able to blend all the ingredients at the same time and you’ll get a much smoother juice. That means it’ll be more delicious and easier to drink.

Step 1: Make a Liquid Base

When we make our vegetable juice, we don’t use any added liquids, so the first step is to create a liquid base. This way, the remaining ingredients will blend much more easily. In the video, I used ice and tomato. Tomato is the most water-rich ingredient this time, but you can also use cucumber or summer squash, or ideally a combo!

The order you put things inside is important; make sure to put the ice into the container first. Since the Nutribullet container turns upside down, we want to make sure the ice isn’t the first layer above the blade. Blend these first ingredients just enough to have a liquid base, about 10 seconds; since you’ll be blending more ingredients in, there’s no need to blend it all the way through. Just get it started and all mixed up.

tini adding celery to nutribullet container that already has tomato and ice blended
after making your liquid base, add the bulkier ingredients

Step 2: Blend the Bulky Ingredients

After you have a liquid base, it’s time for the second blending stage: the harder or bulkier ingredients. I used zucchini and celery. Make sure to chop the celery so the strings don’t wrap around the blades! I also add lemon juice during this stage, but you can add that at any time. Blend these ingredients for 30 to 40 seconds so that everything is mostly blended. Or, if you don’t plan on adding any greens, blend for one minute, or until smooth enough to drink.

Step 3: Blend Greens

The third and final blending stage is for the greens. If you feel like you’ve already blended too much and there’s not enough room in your container for greens, you can pour some of your existing blend into a cup and blend it with some greens later. I prefer having at least 1/3 of my juice to be greens, so that’s the amount of space I look for! Just make sure to watch out for that max line, and make sure there’s enough space within the container for the liquid to bounce a bit while it blends. Blend this last stage for about one minute, or until as smooth as the Nutribullet will make it.

You Made Vegetable Juice!

So, there you have it. You can now make vegetable juice in your Nutribullet! This was definitely a fun experience for me, especially now that I’ve been able to figure out some of the do’s and don’ts of the Nutribullet. If you are still having trouble making things in your bullet, or need advice for certain recipes in other machines, join our Facebook group and feel free to ask for help! We also love seeing pics of what you’re blending at home 🙂 Until next time, keep on blending!

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