Make Your Blender Quieter: Prevent Hearing Damage

Make Your Blender Quieter

If you’re going to be blending regularly with any high-powered blender, it’s a good idea to explore your options and make your blender quieter. In fact, noise level is among the most common concerns people express when considering starting on the health journey of blending! Unfortunately, this concern stops an enormous number of people from trying at all. It’s sad, because the health benefits one can achieve using these tools are profound. But these careful people are not wrong to be concerned!

As the experts, we have a different experience using high powered blenders from most people. We didn’t just use it every morning. Tini and I were around the loud sound of the Vitamix for 12+ hours a day for years! I did that job for eight full years. After I left, I realized I miss the detail I heard in music when I was a kid. It’s a sad fact, and one I wish I had considered; this change in my hearing is likely permanent. However, even if I didn’t fear for my ears, I abhor the sound of exposed blenders now! I will always use a sound enclosure to make my blender quieter, because I know the health benefits are worth the investment.

The National Institutes of Health website indicates that prolonged or repeated exposure to noise measuring as little as 85 decibels is loud enough to permanently damage hearing – about how loud the Vitamix 5200 model officially runs. However, it should be known that blending certain recipes will be much louder. Since the 5200 is the most common style of high powered blender in the US. So if you’re using it every day, this should be a major concern!

Older models of Vitamix, Blendtec, and other brands of high-powered blenders all run at 85 decibels or above. This is even without ingredients in the container! It’s particularly important to learn about sound dampening options if you’re using older blender models.

There are some newer models from companies who claim to make a quieter blender, like the Vitamix G-series. But remember, this is in ideal conditions. If you’re giving the machine a workout like blending a bunch of almonds or ice you’re definitely in the danger zone even with a quieter motor. Nothing is going to give you a real quieter blender except a great sound enclosure.

Though few people are blending as often as we did on the job, it’s important to protect your ears when using your high-powered blender. Tini and I were lucky enough to find an old beat up Quiet One model of the Vitamix like they use in the restaurants – but you don’t have to spend $1200 USD to protect your ears! We have some great budget-friendly solutions to answer the question you may be asking, “How can I make my Vitamix (or other blender) quieter?”

Budget Solutions for quieter blending

  1. Try placing a thin kitchen towel or some rubber shelf liner underneath your blender. It might dampen the noise a little so that it doesn’t sound so shrill. Some of the sound is coming from the bottom of the machine, as this is where the machine is venting hot air in most designs. It can echo especially loudly if you have stone or marble countertops. Don’t stuff too much towel underneath the machine; obstructing the airflow can overheat and hurt your blender. Try this method at your own risk.

    Also, using a mat under newer models like the G-series Vitamix machines isn’t as effective because of the change in the interior engineering. If you want to try this anyway, make sure to use something really thin like a silicone mat, instead of a towel.

    Make Your Blender Quieter
    This technique is a quick fix, but the least effective as a long term solution because of possible damage to the blender and your ears. Additionally, the neighbors can still hear you working because it doesn’t really make your blender quieter. Read on for better options!
  2. If you’re using a machine that has an automatic setting or timer, you can go to another room while your smoothie finishes blending. You could technically do this with a manual model machine, too. Just make sure to come back before your juice turns into soup!
  3. Our favorite free solutions: I like to put my fingers in my ears, a very effective and obvious solution! The only other technique along the same lines that would work better is putting your elbows in your ears – try it! Additionally, you might already have another tool in your house that can help; many audio headphones block out sounds. The added benefit is exercise, as you dance around while waiting for your smoothie. But don’t turn the volume up too high! It can be more dangerous than blending.Make Your Blender Quieter

DIY Solution for a quieter blender experience

  1. If you’re feeling particularly handy, you can create a sound dampening box or just line a shelf with sound dampening materials. This is very dependent on having more space or motivation. We’ve heard of people hanging sound dampening material on the wall behind their blender. We’ve even seen others using the machine inside a cabinet or box they made! It seems like a lot of work, but we respect those who have done it! You can use your imagination and make something like this, but it’s not our favorite method to make your blender quieter. The cost approaches that of a sound enclosure without the elegance.Make Your Blender Quieter

Make your blender quieter the right way (solutions requiring financial investment)

  1. There are many specialized products out there that are specifically designed for hearing protection. We’ve met people who keep an ear protection headset right next to their Vitamix! I like using an ear protection product called Earasers. They’re designed for musicians playing on stage; you can still hear what’s going on, but it dampens the perceived noise level around you substantially. I use these when going to loud concerts or bars, but they would likely be an adequate solution to use during blending as well. These won’t make your blender quieter, but they will likely protect your ears.

    Make Your Blender Quieter
    The biggest problem with this type of solution is creating a new habit. Will you really put the headset on every time? Are you going to keep it next to your blender? Some people will, but most people are rushed for time in the morning, so this solution may not be great for everyone.
  2. Our favorite solution: For the most elegant fix to the noise problem, consider investing in an actual sound enclosure for your Vitamix, Blendtec, or other high powered blender. A solid enclosure could be used with multiple blenders over a period of decades – it won’t wear out. Sure, it takes up  a little more countertop space, which we know is an aesthetic concern. But this option is the smartest because it doesn’t require any change in your daily routine. What that means to you is, PROBLEM SOLVED. FAMILY’S EARS PROTECTED. NEIGHBORS HAPPY! You truly have a quieter blender.[one_half]  Make Your Blender Quieter[/one_half][one_half_last]Make Your Blender Quieter[/one_half_last]We love to recommend the JTC brand sound enclosure. It’s the lowest priced option, the most attractive, and has a wide user base. We have been seeing it in restaurants all over Asia, usually paired with an Omniblend V blender. The picture above is in a juice bar in Hanoi, Vietnam! It really makes the Vitamix replicas and occasional Blendtec in the restaurants super quiet. The JTC sound enclosure will fit almost any high powered blender, including all models of Vitamix that are using a low profile container. Unfortunately, it does not fit Vitamix machines using the tall 64oz container; you can only use it with a shorter container. We will keep searching for a taller option! 

    We reached out to JTC asking if we could partner up with them! So, if you want to help support the site please get one using our link (click here). We will have a dedicated post about this specific sound enclosure in the coming months, but if you’re interested please check out their site.
    Make Your Blender Quieter

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