Stackity Stack of Pancakes


We made pancakes for breakfast yesterday! And I made a video! Actually, I thought I made a video. Turns out I pressed some random button that was NOT the record button…so I’m sorry to say I have no video after all 🙁

Making batters in the Vitamix is super easy – you can virtually follow any cake, brownie, pancake, waffle, etc recipe and just use your Vitamix the way you would use a standing mixer. I like to pulse the dry ingredients together first, and then adding and mixing the wet ingredients second.

If you have one of the classic Vitamix models without a pulse button, you can still easily pulse your batter on any variable speed by turning your machine on and off, but pulsing is optional – you can also just let the blade run until your batter is well-mixed. Depending on what you’re making, be sure to keep a watchful eye so you don’t over mix your batter (might lead to a denser or less fluffy outcome). For mixing, I usually keep my variable speed at 5 or 6.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 12.20.11 AM.png

Using the Vitamix as a standing mixer means easy mixing, easy pouring, and, everyone’s favorite part, easy cleaning! Some people will try rinsing off as much of the batter under the sink faucet, first, but most of the time, I am too lazy to do that, and just go straight for the normal cleanup method: running water and a drop of dish soap on high speed! Instead of regular cold tap water, though, use hot water with a drop of dish soap, and let your Vitamix run on high speed for a few minutes; it’s like its own little dish-washer!

It’s best to wash right away, but if you accidentally left your container out and the batter dries out, just run it for a little longer until all the dried up batter disappears from the sides. You might also want to keep a bottle brush handy if you end up needing scrub. This will also work for other sticky recipes like peanut butter, hummus, etc.

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